Someone once credited me with great insight as to how I had planned my career in health editorial—moving from national health magazines (starting with Prevention) to the Webby Award-winning intelihealth.com, and from there to the web team of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Certainly, some planning was involved—I didn’t wind up at Prevention or the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on a whim—and there has never been any question that I wanted to write and edit. On the other hand, some of what happened was accidental. I hadn’t planned to wind up on the web, but I am thankful for that particular accident.

Cunningly mapped out or not, I have spent years in consumer health, and many more years in health policy. If I had truly charted my health writing and editing career path, I couldn’t have planned it any better.

Fast forward to the current phase of my career, which I can assure you is absolutely planned: health editorial consulting. I made the move because I wanted to bring together all that I’ve learned in one neat little package, and share that expertise with you.

Together with my long experience in writing editing—and more recently, blogging—I also have plenty of experience managing projects with multiple moving parts and unforgiving deadlines.

I'm always interested in new projects. Drop me a line.