Jeff is innately curious, creative, and tenacious. He is always willing to take on challenging assignments (which sometimes appear to be impossible on the onset). Jeff has a wonderful style of triangulating a project, 
probing with just the right number of questions to help create clarity in determining "what is it we really need?" and honing the essence of the goal. I met Jeff in the early wild web start-up days. He is a talented colleague who has the ability to morph to meet the needs of the client and always produces targeted, stellar results.
—Linda Yu, president, Synthosys, and former vice president and general manager, Discovery Communications

Jeff had a distinguished career in the Communication Department of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where I had the opportunity of working with him for three years. He is a superb writer, editor, content curator and photographer. It is rare to find all of those talents in one individual. Jeff has it all.
Robin Hogen, chief navigator at True North Strategies, LLC, and former vice president, communications, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

Jeff is a pleasure to work with several reasons. What stands out first is his sense of humor, a trait which makes every conversation enjoyable and uplifting; you feel better after a chat or email exchange with him. His experience and expertise are evident as well, ensuring confidence that you are working with someone knowledgeable. And Jeff is dependable, loyal and fair, all of which entice you to work with him again and again. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking to hire a skilled writer and editor, especially one who will make your day with his humorous observations.
Robin DeMattia, journalist, writer, content creator and marketing consultant at Robin DeMattia Consulting, Inc.